Rodney Allen Fitch

Rodney Allen Fitch, Quelle: IAFD

Date of Birth / Geburtsdatum: January 23, 1977 (Maine, USA)

Date of Death / Todesdatum: August 5, 2005 (West Palm Beach, Florida, USA)

Reason of Death / Todesursache: Suicide with prescription medication

Alias: Devon Barry

Rodney was father of a little daughter.

He was addicted to drugs.

Rodney committed suicide by overdosing prescreption drugs.

Rodney was found at home by a stripper at Cupid's, a Palm Beach dance club where he had been performing. None of the dancers at the club knew his real name. But one of the dancers recalled that Rodney had mentioned that he was good friends with gay porn star Chad Donovan. One of the dancers knew how to contact Donovan. Chad was contacted, and he obtained Rodney's real name and address from one of the studios where he had worked. Donovan tracked down Rodney's mother, who flew to Florida to be with her son.

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