Brooke Alisha Phillips

Brooke Phillips, Quelle: Private Foto

Born: July 27 1987 in Moore

Age: 21

November 9 2009

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Brooke was born to Greta Halfmoon, who was a drug addict, when Brooke was 14. Greta unsuccessfully fought a court order for her daughter to be placed in the foster care of Brooke`s two aunts.

Brooke became pregnant at 16, dismissed the father and set about getting both her GED and a certified nurse`s assistant degree, all while working full-time. She would later tell on TV, that the schedule had led to such profound exhaustion, that she was in danger of losing the baby.

Brooke had an interest in Asian culture, watching anime and reading manga in her free time.

Looking back at her tumultuous childhood she decided that both she and her child deserved more than the meager paycheck provided by cleaning bedpans.

At 18 she started working at Night Trips, a strip club in Oklahoma City, where her mother had worked two years earlier to feed her methamphetamine addiction.

A friend said about her: “She put on a tough front, but she was just lost”. He watched her how she would drink and steal glances at the clock until it was time to go home. He once told her she got more to offer than this, when she replied “I know I do, but the only thing anyone wants is this”, pointing underneath the table.

Brooke went to work on the Monnlite Bunny Ranch in 2008. She appeared in the HBO series “Cat House”, which featured her working at the Ranch brothel in Nevada. She appeared on the show under the name Hayden Brooks.

Brooke drank in order to do the job. Once she drank to excess and had to be carried to her room. Eyes glazing over, she stared at a colleague, telling her she wanted her inside of her, too cotton-headed to recognize her sex.

She left the brothel two months prior to her death, because she was pregnant. She intended to have the baby and then resume to work in Nevada. Pimp Dennis Hof promised her a baby shower when she returned.

On November 9 2009 Brooke attended a party, seven and a half months pregnant, at Casey Mark Barriento`s house. Brooke was shot and found alongside two other women and a man in the Oklahoma City house, which had been set fire to. She had been tortured before being shot in the head.

Two men, 34 year old David Allen Tyner and 37 year old Jonathan Allen Cochran, were convicted of breaking into the party and murdering Brooke and the others. Tyner received six life sentences while Cochran received 25 years as part of a deal.

Denny Edward Phillips (not related to Brooke) and Russell Lee Hogshooter were also convicted in the killings. They were both sentenced to 35 years on the conspiracy charge. Tyner and Cochran implicated Hogshooter as the man who tortured and killed Brooke.

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