Christiana Fesmire

Christiana Fesmire, Quelle: Bangor Daily News

Age: 22

Born: December 17 1988

Buried: Maple Grove Cemetery near Round Pond, Maine

July 1 2011

36 Highland Avenue, Lewiston, Maine

Body found: Lisbon, Maine, near the intersection of Wagg and Ferry Roads

Christiana, who had three older siblings, spent the first four years of her life in New Hampshire before her family moved to Pennsylvania. They moved to Maine in 1997. Christiana loved biking and snowboarding and she enjoyed painting and cooking. She also loved music, and could occassionally be found helping DJ different events. She gave herself a middle name, Melusine, but that was not part of her legal name

Christiana was not recently employed and had been forced to give up her apartment a few months, and moved in downstairs of 36 Highland Avenue one and a half months ago. In May the boyfriend of Christiana had committed suicide, which affected her profoundly.

Christiana was a model with a page on She advertised escort services on She was recruited to work as an escort by her former colleague and later neighbour at Highland Avenue, Brandi Robinson, who ran an online prostitution ring with Christiana and a canadian woman. Brandi Robinson once had a physical fight with Christiana and had been holding thousands of dollars of Christiana’s money.

Christiana was murdered by the twin brother of Brandi, Buddy Robinson, age 30. He beat her, smashed her head in to the side of a bath tub and submerged her head under water until she died. He then stuffed her body into the back of an SUV dumped her body in the woods. Her body was missing for more than a year. The blood spattered on the bathroom door and under a radiator in the apartment in which Christiana lived, matched the DNA profile taken from her two toothbrushes and her hairbrush.

Buddy Robinson, an active member of the armed services who served in Afghanistan, was on parole for harrasing and stalking an ex-girlfriend, for what he was convicted in 2010.

Buddy Robinson was sentenced to 55 years in prison. (January 5 2019) (January 5 2019) (January 5 2019) (January 5 2019) (January 5 2019) (January 5 2019) (January 5 2019) (January 5 2019) (January 5 2019) (January 5 2019) (January 5 2019) (January 5 2019) (January 5 2019) (January 5 2019) (January 5 2019) (January 5 2019) (January 5 2019) (January 5 2019) (January 5 2019)

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