Jolene Haas

Age: 22

November 10 1975

3737 Sturgis Road , Delroy Motel, Rapid City, South Dakota

Jolene grew up in Iowa, where she met AJ Rippatoe in Ft. Dodge. They moved to Sioux City together. There she began working in prostitution.

Jolene was an informant for the Sioux Falls Police Department. She was found murdered in her hotel room by two special agents, who had gone to check on her. Jolene had given information to police on crimes involving numerous members of the Sioux City drug culture and outlaw motorcycle gangs, including Rippatoe. Jolene was found with multiple stab wounds.

They had moved her to the motel one month prior to her death, after she had been beaten and raped by three men during a drug deal. They thought that would keep her safe, before she testified against several gang members.

Numerous people were questioned, including a man who had bragged about killing Haas for money. But he passed a polygraph test and was released. Another suspect was found murdered and buried in a cornfield. All other suspects and leads were exhausted, and the case remains unsolved, even though in 2014 the Rapid City Police hired a cold case investigator for taking a fresh look at the murder.

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