Constance Lynn Cameron

Constance Lynn Cameron, Quelle: CBC

Fisher River Cree Nation

Age / Alter: 20

Birth Date / Geburtsdatum: NN

Death Date / Todesdatum: Friday, August 3 1984

Location of Death: area of Higgins and Austin Street, Winnipeg

Constance “Connie” Lynn Cameron was one of three kids in her family. The 20-year-old was from the Fisher River Cree Nation in Manitoba

Constance was last seen on Friday, August 3 1984, when a friend allegedly dropped her off in the area of Higgins and Austin Street where she worked in prostitution.

On Monday, August 6 1984 her body was found in a Fort Garry field off Parker Avenue near the CNR „Rivers“ Mainline. A passerby out for a walk observed her body in the field and notified the police. The cause of death was determined to be manual strangulation.

Cameron’s body was found face down with her arms stretched over her head. A black tank top, which she had been wearing, was rolled up to her neck suggesting that her body had been dragged to this location. This was consistent with the fact that the bottoms of Cameron’s socks were clean and free of dirt and leaves, indicating that she had not walked to this location.

Neither of Cameron’s shoes or her purse were found with the body and it is believed that they were left behind in the suspect’s vehicle where she may have met her death.

Cameron’s body was found almost one year to the day and less than 100 meters from the body of another part-time prostitute (Marie Edith Banks)


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