Ellie May Meyer

Ellie May Meyer, Quelle: CBC.ca

33 years old

Murder time and place

April 1 2005

Found: May 6 2005

118th Avenue, Edmonton, Canada


Ellie was born in Quebec. She had two children. One died shortly after birth and her son was given up for adoption. She was bilingual and had dreams of becoming a nurse, her mother, Evanelina, said. She was in prostitution for seven years along 118th Avenue. 1) Her only hope of ever leaving the streets, she believed, was to find a husband. Ellie was a friend of Rachel Quinney, who also got murdered in prostitution 2)

Her familiy published a statement that said

„Yes, Ellie was addicted to drugs. She resorted to prostitution to pay for that addiction; she paid dearly for that addiction; she paid with her life […] She was a mother who made the hardest decision any mother has to make, and that is to give up her children knowing that she was doing the right thing for them. She was a daughter who never failed to say, 'I love you Mom and Dad' when she phoned home. She was a sister who loved and protected her brother and sister at every turn. She was a friend and someone who would give whatever she had if it meant making life a little easier for you.“3)


Joseph Laboucan, Quelle: Edmonton Journal

Ellie was murdered by Michael Briscoe and Joseph Laboucan. 4) When she was found her pinky finger was missing. The medical examiner suspected an animal had chewed it off. He guessed she'd been in the field where she was found for weeks. 5) During the preliminary hearing, a friend of the perpetrator testified that he had a finger belonging to Ellie in a bag in a hotel room fridge. 6)

In the aftermath of the Robert Pickton Murders an „Insurgence Team“ of the police collected DNA and personal information of the prostituted women on the street, to be used exclusively to identify prostituted womens' remains or help find them in the event they disappeared. Ellie was among the many who registered. 7)

Michael Briscoe, Quelle: Edmonton Journal

Laboucan was 19 when he was first arrested following the discovery of Nina Courtepattes body, a 13 year old girl he had raped and murdered together with Michael Briscoe on April 3 2005. At the time of his arrest, he described to police an entirely different attack. During the April 5, 2005, interview, he was adamant that the group beating he described happened on Thursday or Friday, two days before Nina was killed. He said he ran into old gang associates and they picked up two prostitutes from 118th Avenue. The women were later beaten, he said. One of them was a mother, Laboucan told police, saying he disapproved of their chosen profession, according to court documents.

„I don't like hookers. I don't agree with hookers. I think that anybody should be able to go and find a job. You don't have to go to hooking.“

Laboucan and Briscoe got sentenced for life.

Assistant chief medical examiner Dr. Bernard Bannach testified Wednesday that Ellie died as a result of “massive cranial trauma” and said she suffered multiple injuries to her head, including extensive fracturing of her skull, a split scalp and a detached upper jaw.

More than 100 people attended a memorial rally held for Ellie 8)


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