Kerry Lynn Koski

Kerry Lynn Koski, Quelle: Missing Women

Age: 39

Born: August 14 1959

Last seen: January 7 1998

Vancouver, Downtown Eastside

Buried: Robinson Memorial Park, Coquitlam, Greater Vancouver Regional District, British Columbia

Kerry was a middle-class woman and single-mother of three daughters (12, 14, 16 at the time she went missing).

Kerry was kind and generous, always willing to help out. „She would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it. She didn't have a mean bone in her body“, a friend said.

According to her sister she had a talent for picking every bad character who could ruin her life: One lover beat her, one committed suicide and the next one told her heroin would dull her pain.

She was addicted to drugs and was in prostitution in Downtown Eastside since two months, living in a hotel on Hastings Street. On Christmas 1997 Kerry, only weighing 30 lbs, promised her sister to come clean. They arranged a meet after Christmas, thinking they had time on their side. But it never happened.

When Kerry disappeared without a trace in January 1998, her sister went to the police. She told them something was wrong, that this was not like her sister to simply vanish. They ignored her and told her, that prostituted women are transient people and that maybe she wanted to disappear and start a new life or that maybe she was just off partying. When she heard of the missing Sarah de Vries, she joined forces with Sarahs sister and they becan compiling a list that kept growing to 63 names.

In the following years there were tips about a Willy Pickton and a suspicious pig farm, but little was done, to follow them up. Women continued to disappear. When the Vancouver Police task force was finally set up in the spring of 2001, they had 100 suspects who all closely fit the profile and another 600 in the Lower Mainland, who were strong possibilies.

Kerry’s sister was a key player in the formation of the healing tent at Picktons farm and she was closely working with other families to develop the Missing Women’s Trust Fund, developing a detox centre for women.

Kerry Lynn Koski, Quelle: Find a Grave
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