Victoria Head

Victoria Head, Source: CBC


Age: 36

November 11 2017

St. John`s, Newfoundland

Found in a field near the historic O`Brien Farm property off Oxen Pond Road

Victoria was born in Placentia. She struggled with an addiction, but had started to clean up her life. She was mother of a 17-year-old daughter, Jasmine. Her friends called her Vicki.

Her favorite time of the year was Christmas. She always tried her best to have a gift for everyone, even if the money was tight.

Victoria worked with various women’s shelters and also with a cleaning service. Her sister-in-law says anything useful destined for the garbage from a home she cleaned was donated to a local shelter or an animal shelter, such as Heavenly Creatures. She would also frequently visit with women in the sex trade, offering them warm clothing or a pack of smokes.

“She was such a good-hearted person. She’d take out her heart and give it to you. It’s beyond belief, the type of person that she was. She was amazing,”

Victoria was murdered by Steve Bragg. He and Victoria knew each other. Her family said they heard rumours that Victoria had put off advances from him. He was a contracted paper deliverer with The Telegram. He was reported missing the day after Head was killed, but arrived at his home on the following Monday.

In custody Bragg was beaten with a guitar until the instrument broke by another inmate called William John Oilver.

The earliest possible date for trial is set for Januar 20 2020

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