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Prostitution murders in France

2010 - today

February 9 2020: „Aline R.“ (name changed), age 18, Montpellier 1)

September 21 2018: name unknown, 47, Vitry-sur-Seine (Val-de-Marne), Paris, was hit and died after being pushed out of the window by a 45 year old suspect 2)

August 16/17 2018: Vanesa Campos, 36, trans, peruvian, Bois de Boulogne, Paris, was shot to death in the chest. Five have been charged.

May 31 2018: Nicoletta, 26, romanian, Rodilhan, Gard, was stabbed to death three times by a 21 year old sexbuyer, because she wanted to raise her rates. In 2016, this same young woman was brutally assaulted by Albanian pimps.

October 15 2016: Niurkeli Carguaitongo, 33, trans, equadorian, Nantes, murdered by a sexbuyer

February 21 2016: Luis-Fernando Z., 36, trans, Rouen, murdered by a sexbuyer

December 31 2014: name unknown, 45, Epinal, brazilian, murdered by a sexbuyer (age 33). She was stabbed 53 times. The sexbuyer later told the police that he was not „satisfied with the services proviced“

November 14 2014: Hu Yuan E, 56, chinese, Paris, Porte de Vincennes, killed with a knife by a sexbuyer, 26

September 5 2014, name unknown, 30, albanian, Lunel, found naked in a canal near Montpellier

June 14 2014: Luz Maria, 32, dominican, Clichy-La-Garenne, stabbed to death to stomach and chest in a hotel by a sexbuyer (age 38)

May 19 2014: name unknown, 64, Châteauroux, died of several blows to the head with a blunt object

April 1 2014: name unknown, 50, chinese, rue Bichat, Paris, murdered by a sexbuyer

early March 2014: name unknown, 51, Haguenau, murdered with multiple stabs by a sexbuyer (also responsible for the murder on July 23 2013 in Strasbourg)

November 25 2013: name unknown, Bois de Boulogne

February 2013: Khalifa, 22, Sorigny, stabbed to death

July 23 2013: name unknown, 59, Strasbourg, strangled to death by a sexbuyer (also responsible for the murder in early March 2013 in Haguenau)

June 2013: name unknown, Bois de Vincennes

2000 - 2009

October 2 2006: Agneska Bos, polish, 28, Reims, murdered by Volker Eckert

August 2002: Benedicta Edwards, 23, from Sierra Leone, Troyes, possible victim of Volker Eckert

June 25 2001: Sandra Osifo, 25, Kenianerin, Chermignac bei Bordeaux, murdered by Volker Eckert

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