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Prostitution murders in Italy

2010 - today

April 7 2019: Blessing Benedicta Daniel, 40 years old, nigerian, Modena, murdered by Leopoldo Scalici, 41, for he was „dissatisified by the sexual act“

November 10 2018: Laura Ursaru, 27, romanian, trans, Rome, stabbed to death by a client when he found out of Laura being transgender

September 11 2018: Raffaella Rotocalco, trans, Rome

August 30 2018: Vasilita Nicoleta Neata, 31, romanian, San Donnino, Modena, was murdered and then burned.

June 9 2018: Anxela Mecani, 20, albanian, Turin, was hit by a car

February 4 2018: Juan Cardenas Gutierrez / Johanna, 43, trans, peruan, Cinisello Balsamo, Mailand, was shot to death by Giovanni Amato

June 29 2016: Bebel da Silva, 45, brazilian, Florence, was stabbed to death

May 5 2014: Andrea Cristina Zamfir, 26, Florence, was found stripped naked and pinned up against a metal barrier in a style reminiscent to that of a crucifixion.

September 22 2014: name unknown, 25, moldovan, Caserta, murder attempt by Antonio Matarazzo (age 75)

December 9 2012: Franca Abumen, 27, nigerian, woods of Stifone, was brutally strangled to death with a black cord

September 9 2012: Svetla Fileva, 30, bulgarian, Boden, Bozen, murdered by Kevin Montolli, 24. 1)

November 2011: Anthonia Egbuna, 20, nigerian, Italy, stabbed over 20 times, dumped in river Po, murdered by Daniele Piampaschet

October 15 2011: Favour Nike Adekunle, 20, nigerian, Palermo, her body was found burnt and dumped on the street.

2000 - 2009

November 20 2009: Brenda, (brasilian, trans), Rome, was was found after a fire in her basement flat, she was one of two prostitutes at the heart of a case involving the blackmail of Piero Marrazzo, the former governor of Lazio, the region around Rome.

September 5 2004: Ahhiobe Gali, 25, ghanaen, Rezzato, murdered by Volker Eckert

February 17 2001: Florentina Motoc, 27, romanian, murdered by Maurizio Minghella

February 20 2000: Betty Yadira Ramirez Ponce, found on the bank of the River Po near the city of Piacenza in Italy, murdered by Erjon Sejdiraj,

1990 - 1999

January 30 1999: Cosima Guido, 67, Turin, strangeled to death by Maurizio Minghella

April 14 1998: Kristina Valla, murdered by Donato Bilancia

March 29 1998: Tessy Adobo, 28, nigerian, Cogoleto, murdered by Donato Bilancia

March 24 1998: Lorena Castro, trans, Novi Ligure, murder attempt by Donato Bilancia

March 18 1998: Ljudmyla Zubskova, ukrainian Pietra Ligure, shot with a bullet to her head, murdered by Donato Bilancia

March 9 1998: Stela Truya, 25, albanian, Varazze, shot to death, murdered by Donato Bilancia

February 14 1998: Floreta Islami, 29, albanian, near Rivoli, strangled to death by Maurizio Minghella

May 1997: Fatima H`Didou, 27, moroccan, Caselette, murdered by Maurizio Minghella

March 1997: Loredana Maccario, 53, Turin, murdered by Maurizio Minghella

1970 -1979

August 25 1978: Maria Strambelli, Genoa, 21, murdered by Maurizio Minghella

November 28 1978: Wanda Scerra, Genoa, 19, murdered by Maurizio Minghella

July 19 1978: Maria Catena Alba, 14, Brevenna, strangled to death by Maurizio Minghella

July 8 1978: Giuseppina Jerardi, 23, Genoa, murdered by Maurizio Minghella

April 18 1978: Anna Pagano, 20, Trensasco, murdered by Maurizio Minghella

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