Juan Cardenas Gutierrez (Johanna)

Age: 43

Peruan (naturalized from Argentina)


February 4 2018

Cinisello Balsamo, Milano

Juan was prostituted in an apartment in Cinisello Balsamo where he lived together with partner Luis and had arrived to Italy one year before the murder

Juan was shot to death from behind by Guglielmo Amato in his aparment. Initially the murder was thought of an illness, then the autopsy had brought into light a very small wound in the shoulder that had hit vital organs and had been caused by a 22 caliber pen. To find Amato carabinieri viewed hundreds of hours of security camera recordings, checked about 60.000 cars, until they eventually found a bottle of coca cola at the crime scene which he had left his fingerprint on. Amato was already in prison, because on the evening after the murder he had attempted a robbery in sushi bar in Segrate with the same weapon.

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