Age 25

January 19 2015, around 5:30 am, Idowu Taylor Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

Joy was a mother oft wo kids, a girl and a boy.

Joy belonged to the ethnic gorup oft he Urhobo. She was prostituted in order to take care for her children. She was liked much in the street and many people had assisted her in the past to get out of prostitution.

Car Park, Source: Naija Gists

Joy was discovered in a pool of blood with two stab wounds in the back and some in the head at about 5.30 am in a car park, which is used by employees of commercial banks and other organisations on the street.

Joy was in company of her son when she was attacked. She had sent her daughter to stay with a relative in Port Harcourt.

A resident said:

The boy is just about three years old. He was sleeping some metres away from his mother. When the people tried to find out what happened from the boy, he simply said he saw some men in black around his mother.

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