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Prostitution murders in United Kingdom and Ireland

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„The Home Office notes in its 2011 report on prostitution that […] at least 137 prostitutes have been murdered in the UK since 1990“

„180 sex workers were murdered in the UK between 1990 and 2016. 110 of these 180 homicides were directly work-related; the sex worker was killed either by a client, in a sex working workplace or last seen alive in a known street sex work area. Based on this data from 1991 to 2000, working as a sex worker in the UK carried the absolute greatest risk of occupational homicide for women.“ 1)

2010 - today

May 7 2019: Name unknown, 31, Vauxhall Street, Hillfields, Coventry, almost murdered by Bartosz Konopacki, 25 (murder attempt) 2)

June 28 2018: Monika Stibla, 39, hungarian, Bradford Street, Bolton, drug overdose

May 25 2018: Christina Abbotts, age 29, Crawley, was murdered by john Zahid Naseem, age 48, on her birthday. Naseem stayed in the apartment for 12 hours following the killing, even sending explicit photos and videos to another prostituted woman.

April 7 2018: Shaquelle Vidal, 23, London, committed suicide.

March 18 2018: Naomi Hersi, 36, trans, Heathrow Palace Hotel in Cranford, Hounslow West, London, was stabbed to death by sexbuyer Jessie McDonald, 25

March 15 2018: Hope Barden, 21, Burton-upon-Trent, died of Asphyxia 3)

March 7 2018: Lady Beth Douglas, 18, London, died from drug overdose

February 23 2018: Charlotte Teeling, 33, Birmingham, was strangled to death by Richard Bailey, 41

February 9 2018: Laura Lee, 39, Dublin

June 22 2017: Anna Jura, 43, Rhondda Cynon Taff, died of prescription drugs and alcohol. She had been groomed into prostitution by her partner Gary Rich, 74

May 29 2017: Romina Kalachi, 32, italian, Fernhead Road, Kilburn, London, was stabbed to death multiple times. Noor Mohammed, age 28, was charged with murder.

July 20 2016: Ioana Lenuţa Haidemac, 28, romanian, Skegness, Lincolnshire, was strangled and stabbed to death by sexbuyer Casey Scott, 29. Scott was obsessed with the Jack the Ripper murders and painted the word „Jack“ on her abdomen in ink.

February 12 2016: Nkechi Jessica McGraa

January 13 2016: Georgina Symonds, 25, Beech Hill Farm, Usk, strangled to death by her „sugerdaddy“ Peter Morgan, 54.

December 23 2015: Daria Pionko

December 21 2015: Natalie Gentle, 32, Plymouth, was found dead in her apartment. Natalie was addicted to heroine and prostituted. A neighbour said: „She tried to get help but they wouldn't help her. She had been attacked so many times.“

September 28 2015: Maxine Showers, 42, Hinton Street, Fairfield, Liverpool, found dead on the alleyway

July 30 2015: Denisa Silmen, 25, romanian, Eversleigh Road, London, was stabbed to death by Alin Apopei, 27.

June 23 2015: Anita Kapoor, 34, Saxon Road, Southall, allegedly murdered by sexbuyer Navin Mohan, 34

June 20 2015: Jennifer Williams, 25, Colehill Crescent, Bournemouth, was stabbed multiple times by sexbuyer Stefan Mayne, age 26, who was obsessed with her and wanted a relationship. Jennifer died one day later in hospital from her injuries.

March 28 2015: Vanessa Santillan, 33, mexican, trans, London, Fulham, murdered by Joaquin Gomez-Hernandez (23)

March 2015: Rivka Holden, 55, israelian, Colindale, murdered by sexbuyer Nicolae Patraucean (21). Rivkas face and body were scored with deep and long gashes, caused by a work knife. She was also strangled and subjected to repeated beatings with a blunt object, likely to be fists

February 1 2015: Christina Spilane, 51, Ibis Hotel Room 231, Osborne Street, Hull, murdered by partner Deland Allman who had „sent her out on the streets to work as a prostitute in order to pay for their drug addiction“. Christina worked at the Ambience massage parlour which she later bought. Allman was obsessive and controlling and dictated what type of sex she was allowed to have with sexbuyers

December 5 2014: Luciana Maurer, 23, Falkirk, romanian (Medias, Transylvania), stabbed 44 times. Murdered by Steven Mathieson (38) who had also raped at least two other women

November 19 2014: Lidia Pascale, 26, West Bromwich

October 30 2014: Kadie Patterson, Prospect Street, Hull, repeatedly stabbed with a 6in kitchen knife by Christopher Croft (54) - murder attempt

July 26 2014: Jacqueline Jordan, 49, St Heliers Drive, Higher Broughton, Salford, Manchester, found dead in the backgarden

June 21 2014: Samantha Jamison, London, store room in Bramfield Court, on the King’s Crescent Estate, Finsbury Park. He initially paid her £15 for oral sex behind a camper van after picking her up on the street nearby on June 21 last year. Kirk Wynter, 32, a crack cocaine dealer, returned later that evening and offered her £40 to ‘finish him off’. But he became irate when he was unable to get aroused, the Old Bailey heard, and abruptly ran to the corner of the dingy room to vomit. He then put his shirt back on and demanded she return his money. When she refused, Wynter launched the terrifying attack, leaving her with two punctured lungs, stab wounds, and severe bruising. The brutal assault involved beating her with an umbrella, setting her hair alight with a cigarette lighter and stabbing her with a pair of scissors found in her own bag. He grabbed a broken tile lying nearby and began hitting her with it, telling her: “You’re dying in here, bitch – don’t think you’re getting out of it”. - murder attempt

May 8 2014: Name unknown, 30, Rochdale, murder attempt by sexbuyer Matthew Graham, 29. Graham hit her head against a wall before pulling out a kitchen knife which he plunged through her neck „from one side to the other“. She was lucky to survive.

April 6 2014: Yvette Halsworth, 36, Hartington Street, Normanton, Derby, was murdered by Mateusz Kosecki, age 18.

17 February 2014: Karolina Nowikiewisz, 25, Slough, Lowestoft Drive, polish, got her throat cut, murdered by Michael Wenham, following a failed penis enlargement operation prosecutor: „The killing was utterly premeditated, planned and clinically executed. Attacking her from behind, he sliced open her neck, cutting through her major arteries and her spinal chord.“

January 28 2014: María Duque-Tunjano, 48, Colombian, Earls Court Square, London, bludgeoned to death

January 25 2014: Milena Yuliyanov, 27, was stabbed to death

November 27 2013: Bernadeta Nawracaj, 43, polish, The Tower, Richmond, London, stabbed to death by her flatmate Edyta Zawadska, 24. Bernadeta was killed out of jealousy because she was earning more money.

October 29 2013: Mariana Popa

around June 2/3 2012: Kelly Davies, age 31, Farnworth, Bolton, was stabbed to death by her ex-partner Joseph DSavies, 35. 2 days after he'd been released from prison. The domestic homicide review in to her death refers to her being prostituted by him to pay for their drugs. „Adult D (the victim's sister) states that this behavior conformed to a pattern of violence perpetrated by Adult B (the killer) in which he would send Adult A (the victim) out to Shifnal Street to prostitute herself to pay for their drugs then beat her up when she came home for having gone through with it.“ p13 4)

April 16 2012: Carole Waugh, 49, Marylebone, London, was stabbed to death by Rakesh Bhayani, 41.

March 18 2012: Yong Li Qui, 42, Bedford, murdered by Gang Wang, 48.

August 14 2011: Jennie Banner, 32, Chatham, strangled with a belt by client

February 13, 2011: Marie Greene, 37, Annagorta bog outside Athlone town, murdered by sexbuyer and father-of-three Jimmy Devaney. The court heard he told Gardaí that he had known Marie Greene for over 10 years, that she had propositioned him soon after their first meeting and that he would meet up with her twice a month. He told Gardaí he would receive sexual favours in exchange for money, usually €20, and he insisted he was never emotionally attached. The accused said “it was opportunistic for me. She was available for a quick fix.”

May 21 2010, Suzanne Blamires, 36, dissapaered from Bradford without a trace

April 26 2010 Shelley Armitage, 31, Bradford

2000 - 2009

November 5 2009: Destiny Lauren, 29, trans, Kentish Town, Leighton Crescent London, strangled by john Leon Fyle at her home

October 2009: Andrea Waddell, 29, Brighton, murdered by john Neil McMillan

June 22 2009, Susan Rushworth, 43, disappeared from Bradford without a trace

March 27 2009: Kirsty Grabham, 24, Swansea, South Wales, Rosehill Terrace, murdered by husband Paul Grabham, the couple met at a brothel n Bridgend in 2007 were she was working and he was a customer Her body was found in a suitcase dumped beside the M4 near Bridgend in April 2009

2009: Anna, 35, chinese, near London Heathrow Airport, committed suicide. The movie „The Receptionist“ is based on her story working at an illegal massage parlour.

December 22 2008: Cheryl Camm, 28, Toll Bar, Doncaster, stamped to death by Kieran Blackwell, 19.

December 19 2008: Laura Milne, Aberdeen, was murdered by Stuart Jack, 22, Debbie Buchan. 18 and Leigh McKinnon, 18

September 18 2007: Bonnie Barrett, 24, London, Commercial Street, murdered by regular john Derek Brown

August 2007: Xiao Mei Guo, Whitechapel, London, was murdered by sexbuyer Derek Brown

December 10 2006: Paula Lucille Clennell, 24, Ipswich, her body was found on 12 December near Levington, she was found naked but not sexually assaulted and a post mortem reported that she had been killed by a compression of her throat. Prior to her death, Clennell commented on the then recent murders in an interview with Anglia News, stating that despite them making her „a bit wary about getting into cars“ she continued to work because „I need the money.“ Clennell had three children with Elton Norris; all were taken into care and adopted due to her drug addiction. she herself had spent some of her childhood in a referral unit, and it was shortly after being placed there that she started taking drugs, victim of serial killer Steve Wright („The Suffolk Strangler“)

December 8 2006: Annette Nicholls, 29, Major’s Corner, Ipswich, mother of a son, Nicholls' body was found on 12 December near Levington, naked but not sexually assaulted, and also posed in the cruciform position; a definite cause of death could not be established, but her breathing had been hampered. Nicholls, the oldest victim, had been a drug addict since the early 2000s, shortly after completing a beautician's course at Suffolk College. Soon afterwards, she had started working as a prostitute to fund her addiction, victim of serial killer Steve Wright („The Suffolk Strangler“)

December 3 2006: Anneli Sarah Alderton, 24, a mother of one who was also in the early stages of pregnancy, had been living in Colchester, Essex. Alderton disappeared on 3 December and was last seen on the 17.53 train from Harwich to Manningtree. Alderton got off the train at Manningtree at 18.15 before going on to Ipswich on another train, arriving at 18.43. Alderton's body was found on 10 December near Nacton, in woodland in front of Amberfield School. Alderton had been asphyxiated and was found naked, and was posed in the cruciform position. Her pregnancy was also revealed by the autopsy and her family were first informed of it by police officers.[32] Anneli moved to Cyprus with her mother, Maire Alderton, in 1992, after her parents separated, and they returned to Ipswich in 1997. Alderton attended Copleston High School and gained good grades in her exams. Alderton had been addicted to drugs since age 16, shortly after her father's death from lung cancer in 1998, murdered by Steve Wright (The „Suffolk Strangler“)

November 15 2006: Gemma Rose Adams, 25, born in Kesgrave, last seen outside a BMW dealership on West End Road in Ipswich, where she had been living, disappeared on 15 November at about 01.15 (UTC). She was reported missing the same day by her partner, Jon Simpson, with whom she had been for ten years. Her body was found on 2 December, in a river at Hintlesham; she was the first of the victims to be found. Adams was found naked, in a brook, but had not been sexually assaulted. Adams had been a popular child; she came from a middle-class family and had a love of animals. As a teenager she started taking hard drugs, becoming addicted to heroin. She had been working as a prostitute to cover the cost of her drug addiction, which had already led to her being dismissed from her job with an insurance firm, was murdered in Ipswich by Steve Wright (The „Suffolk Strangler“)

October 30 2006: Tania Nicol

July 1 2006: Samantha Tapper, 24, Rachel’s Health Spa (brothel), Frankwell, Shrewsbury, was beaten over the head during a robbery. Garry Harding, 22, from Welshpool, a former client, pleaded guilty to murder and was jailed for life in April 2007. The trial at Birmingham CC heard he stole £330. He had huge gambling debts.

July 1 2006: Annie Eels, 55, Rachel’s Health Spa (brothel), Frankwell, Shrewsbury, was a receptionist in the brothel. Annie was beaten over the head during a robbery. Garry Harding, 22, from Welshpool, a former client, pleaded guilty to murder and was jailed for life in April 2007. The trial at Birmingham CC heard he stole £330. He had huge gambling debts.

June 23 2006: Lynne Barwick, 29, Hull, strangled to death by Edward Akester, 26.

September 2005: Anne Marie Foy, 45, Liverpool, strangled to death, body was found in undergrowth regularly used by prostituted at the junction of Crown Street and West Derby Street in the city centre, close to Liverpool university and the Royal Liverpool Hospital

June 16 2005: Rebecca Stephenson, 19, Town Moor, Doncaster, murdered by sexbuyer Ronald Beardmore, 31. Rebecca was addicted to drugs.

May 11 2005: Julie Freeman, 29, Commerce Street, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, murdered by Jason Griffiths

March 29 2005: Lomoki Mkwananzi, „Millie“, 29, Dorset, Boscombe, Bournemouth, was strangled to death by sexbuyer Steven Smith, 24. Lomoki was a media studies graduate who got prostituted after getting addicted to crack.

February 27 2005: Susan Third, 21, Aberdeen harbour, strangled to death and raped by Joseph Harrison

September 9 2005: Lyndsey Bourne, 28, Sovereign Street, Leeds, killed and dismembered by sexbuyer Stuart Burns, 30. Lyndsey was addicted to drugs.

April 4 2005 Emma Caldwell, 27, from Glasgow, was reported missing after she left a hostel. Her body was found dumped in woods more than a month later.

September 13 2004: Lyndsey Bourne, Leeds, Yorkshire, strangled to death by Stuart Burns, 30

June 2004: Qu Mei Na, 28, Belfast, Skegoniell Avenue, murdered by her triad boyfrend Chang Hau Zhang

April 10 2004: Nasra Ismail, 27, somali, Islington, London, killed, dismembered and dumped in a suitcase in Regents Canald by sexbuyer Daniel Archer, 53

March 13 2004: Chantel Taylor, 27, Elmswood Road, Birkenhead, murdered by former solider and sexbuyer Stephen Wynne. Wynne was only caught after torching a Birkenhead mosque in the wake of the London 7/7, bombings and a poem he had written about a dead woman was found at his house in Elmswood Road, Birkenhead. Chantels head was chopped off with a meat cleaver, her dismembered body was dumped at Bidstons tip and Royden Park two weeks later

January 13 2004: Aleesha Nedic, 19, Snitterfield, Warwickshire, allegedly murdered by sexbuyer Paul Hiscock. She also could have died from a drug overdose.

December 2003: Cara Martin-Brown, 25, Ipswich, kicked and stamped to death by Darren Brown, 22. Cara was addicted to drugs.

December 4 2003: Joanne Broome, 18, Renton, Vale of Leven, stabbed to death. Joanne was addicted to drugs.

October 15 2003: Nadine Hillier, 25, Bristol, was beaten, strangled and dumped in a lake in Eastville Park by sexbuyer Albert Webb, 37. Webb had a history of violence towards prostituted women. Also Nadine had already been violently attacked by another sexbuyer in 2000.

July 22 2003: Hanane Sarah Parry, 19, Everton, Liverpool, was murdered by her client Marc Corner, 26

July 22 2003: Pauline Stephen, 25, Everton, Liverpool, St Domingo Vale, was murdered by her client Marc Corner, 26

July 3 2003: Lisa Marie Spence, 20, Stratford, London, died from head injuries. Her body was found burned in a bin. Deepak Bouri, 23 and Adam Bowler, 19, were jailed for life.

2003: Becky Godden, 20, Gloucestershire, allegedly murdered by Christopher Halliwell, 39

Christmas Day 2002: Brigitte MacClennan, 34, College Place Estate, Camden Town, London, murdered by Anthony Hardy

December 2002: Elizabeth Valad, 29, College Place Estate, Camden Town, London, murdered by Anthony Hardy

October 2002 Julie Dorsett, 33, from Hackney, went missing in 2002. In 2008, her upper body skeleton was found wrapped in a duvet and dumped in Walthamstow.

June 2002: Rita Vilares, 33, King's Cross, London, stabbed to death by David Herbert, 45.

June 1 2002: Danielle Moorcroft, 21, Manchester, Bolton, body was found at the rear of Bolton Community College, off Lower Bridgeman Street, at 0540 BST, suffered serious head injuries, she was fve months pregnant

May 31 2002: Donna Keogh, Middlesbrough, Yorkshire

May 30 2002: Rachel Wilson, 19, near Newham, Hall Farm, human remains found June 27 2012

March 2002 Michelle Bettles, 22, was found strangled in woods near Dereham, Norfolk, three days after disappearing from the red-light area of Norwich.

January 2002: Sally White, 38, College Place Estate, Camden Town, London, murdered by Anthony Hardy

December 13 2001: Pauline Fields. John Patrick Sweeney was jailed for life in April 2011 for her murder, and for the murder of ex-girlfriend Melissa Halstead

November 11 2001: Carly Bateman, 17, Bolton, strangled and dumped in an alley by a man she had picked up on the streets of Bolton's red light district, body was found in an alley in the Haulgh district, murdered by convicted sex offender Geoffrey Porter, 41, described by psychologists as „inadequate, isolated and lonely and a persistent threat to young females“

November 5 2001: Michaela Hague

October 2001: Hayley Curtis, 23, Norwich, Mile Cross, body was found in a shallow grave in Hampshire by a group of ramblers, murdered by john Philip Stanley, 56, father of 13 children, his partner Fiance Richards had fled with her three children from Stanley in October 2001 after years of violence and torment, fearing he would kill her. In one attack he had broken her arm and both legs.

April 27 2001: Monica Coghlan, 50, West Yorkshire, ran over by a car

April 26 2001: Rebecca Hall, 19, died from head injuries after a sustained, vicious and brutal beating, her naked body dumped in a Bradford alley. Her case remains unsolved.

February 12 2001: Nikola Higgins, 23, Stoke-on-Trent, was strangled, beaten and dumped in drive of a cemetery by sexbuyer Alan McLaren, 42.

December 17 2000 Zoe Louise Parker, 24, from London, had her severed upper torso dumped in the Thames near Battersea, west London, but the rest of her body has not been found.

September 2000 Vicky Glass, 21, from Middlesbrough had been missing for two months before her naked and badly decomposed body was found dumped in a stream in moorland near Danby, North Yorkshire.

September 4 2000: Susan Kelly, 38, Sleepers Hill, Anfield, was found with her throat cut in an alley

September 2000: Kellie Mallinson, 20, near factory units on Cannon Park, Middlesbrough, asphyxiated by sexbuyer Shaun Tuley, 36

June 11 2000: Kellie Pratt, 28, Norwich, was last seen outside the Rose Inn pub at the junction of Queen’s Road and City Road. has not been seen since

February 2 2000: Vicky O`Hara, Liverpool, Merseyside, stabbed to death 42 times by John Leadbetter

2000: Victoria Gerrard, Liverpool, Merseyside

1990 - 1999

December 1 1999: Mara Dorman, 40, jugoslavian, Hurstbourne Tarrant, near Andover, Hampshire, stabbed and beaten to death by Tony Bayram, 39. Mara was addicted to crack.

September 16 1999: Katie Kazmi, 25, Reading, stabbed to death 77 times and decapitated by sexbuyer Winston Williams, 54. Katie was addicted to drugs.

July 1999: Bexhe Alivica, 22, albanian, Feltham, Middlesex, strangled and hidden under a bed by Daniel Hurley, 56. Hurley had killed his wife Mary in 1994.

February 7 1999: Marcella Davis, 19, Wolverhampton, was murdered by sexbuyer Paul Brumfitt, 43. Brumfitt also had raped two other prostituted women. He had come out of prison after being jailed for life in 1980 for the murder of a shopkeeper.

September 1998: Margaret Berridge, 62, Cardiff, was robbed, murdered and left for dead on a rubbish tip by Richard Ball

August 1998: Helen Sage, 22, Rusholme, Manchester, disappeared without a trace.

June 29 1998: Julie Jones, 32, Ancoats, Manchester, was battered to death.

June 22 1998: Sinead Kelly, 21, Dublin, stabbed to death. Sinead was addicted to drugs.

May 1998: Natalie Clubb, 25, Hull, stabbed to death 7 times by Darren Adams, 37. Natalie was addicted to heroin.

May 30 1998: Hayley Morgan, 20, Hull, died of a heroin overdose but had a plastic bag on her head and was dumped in an alley in Hull.

March 1998: Margo Lafferty, 27, Glasgow, Scotland, murdered by Brian Donnelly

October 1997: Sharon Lynch, 22, Roscoe Street, Liverpool. Sharon had been strangled, beaten, stripped naked and dumped in a hole.

October 25 1997: Samantha Class

June 12 1997: Christine Maguire, 46, Bulwell, Notthingham, was stabbed to death and set alight with her own perfume by Byron Smith, 31

March 1 1997: Robyn Browne, 23, transgender, Gosfield Street, Soho London, was stabbed nine times to death by James Hopkins.

1997 Tracey Wylde, 21, was found beaten to death in her Glasgow flat. She had a three-year-old daughter. In spite of the poor soundproofing, neighbours gave no evidence. 5) 6)

December 29 1996: Belinda Pereira, 26, sri lankan, Dublin, murdered in a rented apartment in Mellor’s Court in Liffey Street

October 27: Karen Tomlinson, 22, Albany Street, Hull, was battered and strangled to death by Steven Price, 34.

October 1996: Caroline Creevy, 25, Bradford, murdered and raped by Kenneth Valentine, 43.

August 15 1996: Lucy Burchell, 16, Edgbaston, Birmingham, was killed by Tahir Khan, 26, and Rungzabe Khan, 24. She had taken an unusually pure dose of heroin.

June 24 1996 Jackie Gallagher, 26, was found dead by a roadside in Glasgow. presumably murdered by sexbuyer George Johnstone (43) who had been started using prostituted women in 1993. Gallagher had been buying Jacqueline for four months twice a week. The jury did not find not enough evidence to convict him

December 12 1995: Daniella White, 28, Blisworth, murdered by Philip McKenna, 48. Daniella was addicted to drugs.

October 7 1995: Christine Dinnie

September 8 1995: Sally Ann John, 23, dissappeared from Swindon`s Red Light District

August 7 1995 Marjorie Roberts, 34, was found in the river Clyde, not far from where another prostitute's body, that of Leona McGovern, 22, was discovered earlier that year.

August 6 1995: Laura Rodriguez, 37, Hove, East Sussex, stabbed to death by Austin Rogerson.

June 21 1995: Christine McGovern, 47, 53a Hamilton Road, Walthamstow, London, found naked on June 22. Christine had been asphyxiated and beaten so badly her spine and nose were broken and her body was covered in severe bruises

June 8 1995: Maureen Stepan, 18, Bradford, murdered by George Naylor, 62. Naylor strangled her to death and abused the dead body. He had before also murdered Deborah Kershaw, 19. Two years after being released from jail he murdered Maureen.

June 1995: Leona McGovern, 22, Washington Street, Glasgow.

May 10 1995: Sabrina Brett, 17, Milton Keynes. Pimp Ian Foster, 28, was acquitted of the murder.

October 15 1994: Mandy Wix, 26, Bartram Avenue, Braintree, Essex.

September 1 1994: Emma Knight, 20, Headington, Oxford, beaten to death with a baseball bat by John Puffett, 27.

August 7 1994: Marina Coppell, 39, colombian, Marylebone, London, stabbed to death.

August 5 1994 Julie Finley, 23, from Liverpool, was found strangled and dumped naked in a field by a lovers' lane near Skelmersdale, Lancashire.

May 20 1994 Dawn Shields, 19, from Sheffield, mother of a one-year-old boy, was found naked in a shallow grave at the Peak District beauty spot of Mam Tor by a National Trust warden.

May 7 1994: Emma Merry, 18, Sneyd Hill industrial estate, Stoke-on-Trent, murdered by sexbuyer Kevin Williams, 38. Williams had a history of sex attacks.

1994: Tracy Turner, 33, Stafford, murdered by Alun Kyte

December 30 1993: Samo Paull, Bitteswell, Leicestershire, strangled to death by Alun Kyte

December 21 1993: Fiona Ivison, 17, Doncaster, strangled and battered to death by sexbuyer Alan Duffy 25.

July 2 1993 Mandy Duncan, 26, a mother of two who was working as a prostitute in Ipswich, went missing and was never found. An anonymous death threat was found in her flat.

April 19 1993 Karen McGregor, 26, was not found for days after her battered and naked body was hidden in the Scottish Exhibition Centre car park, Glasgow. Karen was addicted to drugs.

May 28 1993 Carol Clark, 32, from Bristol was found half naked in the Sharpness Canal. She had had a heart attack after a violent blow to the throat.

November 21 1992 Natalie Pearman, 16, was found strangled at Ringland Hills, Norfolk. Her killer was never found but police looked at a possible link with Ipswich killer Steve Wright.

October 10 1992: Barbara Finn, 34, Coventry.

1992 Yvonne Fitt, 33, from Bradford was found bound and gagged in a shallow grave. She had an 11-year-old daughter. Three people were questioned but not charged.

August 31 1991 Sarah Crump, 31, found dead from stab wounds in her flat in Southall, west London. The main suspect was cleared because of insufficient evidence.

August 10 1991 Sharon Hoare, 19, from Bristol, was found strangled in her luxury flat in Fulham, west London. Her mother had not known what her daughter did for a living.

July 9 1991: Julie Dart, 18, Leeds, murdered by Michael Sams, 59. Julie was blindfolded, tied up and kept in a coffin-like box. Sams killed her by hitting her over the head.

June 17 1991: Lynne Trenholme, 29, Pinky`s massage parlour, Chester.

May 14 1991: Glenda Potter, 32, Rochester, was strangled to death

1991 Janine Downes, 22, a mother of three from Wolverhampton, was brutally murdered and her half-naked body dumped in a Shropshire lay-by.

1991 Diane McInally, 23, was found battered to death in Pollok Park, Glasgow, so disfigured she was recognisable only by her fingerprints.

1991 Maria Requena, 26, from Manchester, was found dismembered, her body parts stuffed into bags thrown into Pennington Flash, Leigh, and found by two children.

September 5 1990 Gail Whitehouse, 23, a mother of two from Wolverhampton, was strangled and dumped in bushes in Birmingham's red-light district.

February 1990: Arminda Perry, 26, filipina, High Kinnerton, Clwyd, murdered by John Perry, 52.

1980 - 1989

October 18 1988: Linda Donaldson, 31, Canning Street, Liverpool, murdered by a sexbuyer. Linda died from multiple stab wounds. Her body was found mutilated and naked in a field off Winwick Lane, Lowton

1988: Lynette White, 20, was killed in a brothel above a betting shop in Cardiff on Valentine's Day 1988, she had more than 70 stab wounds.

April 2 1987: Rita Parminter, „Apricot Lil“, Hastings, East Sussex, sexually assaulted and strangled to death by Leonard Tedham, 35, a former Hell`s Angel.

May 2 1986: Julie Perigo, 51, Downhill, Sunderland, was stabbed to death. Julie was also a nightclub stripper.

April 21 1985: Linda Guest, aka Jackie Waines, Bristol, was stabbed to death

1984: Deborah Kershaw, 22, Bradford, murdered by George Naylor.

1981: Karen Price, Cardiff, Wales, was murdered by Idris Ali and Alan Charlton.

June 1980: Pat Malone, 30, Walthamstow, strangled to death

1970 - 1979

August 28 1979: Wendy Jenkins, Bristol, was stabbed to death, head injuries.

March 20 1979: Carol Lannen, 18, Dundee, her body was found in Templeton Woods

May 16 1978: Vera Millward, 40, Manchester, car park of the Manchester Royal Infirmary on 16 May, killed with a hammer and stabbed with a knife, victim of Peter Sutcliffe („The Yorkshire Ripper“)

January 31 1978: Helen Rytka, 18, Huddersfield, Great Northern Street, she took her client to Garrard's timber yard, a short distance away. Here they had intercourse in the back of the car, probably because two other men were hanging around the yard. Once they had gone and Helen and Sutcliffe went to return to the front of the car, he attacked her with a hammer. The first blow missed and hit the car but the second connected and he followed it up with another five crushing blows to the skull and numerous knifings, she was dead long before he finished attacking the body, victim of Peter Sutcliffe („The Yorkshire Ripper“)

January 21 1978: Yvonne Pearson, 21, Bradford, he took her to wasteland in Athington Street. Here he beat her to death with a club hammer, dragged her to the sofa where he jumped on her chest until her ribs cracked, victim of Peter Sutcliffe („The Yorkshire Ripper“)

October 1 1977: Jean Jordan, 20, Manchester, Her body was mutilated (Sutcliffe tried to cut off her head) and dumped on allotments. Before killing her Sutcliffe paid her £5, which she put in her handbag. After killing her, he threw her bag into shrubs nearly 200 feet from her body. victim of Peter Sutcliffe („The Yorkshire Ripper“)

April 23 1977: Patricia Atkinson

February 5 1977: Irene Richardson, 28, Leeds, victim of Peter Sutcliffe („The Yorkshire Ripper“)

January 20 1976: Emily Jackson, 42, Leeds, victim of Peter Sutcliffe („The Yorkshire Ripper“)

November 23 1975: Joan Harrison, Preston, Lancashire, was kicked to death.

October 30 1975: Wilma McCann, 28, Leeds, victim of Peter Sutcliffe („The Yorkshire Ripper“)

January 7 1975: Barbara Booth

Summer 1974: „The Duchess“, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England, disappeared without a trace. A headless body that was found August 27 1972 in Swaffham, Norfolk, could be her.

April 22 1972: Maxwell Confait, „Michelle“, 26, transvestite, 27 Doggett Road, Catford, London, asphyxiated because the flat was set on fire by Colin Lattimore, 18.

1971: Glenys Johnson, 41, Wharf Street, Cardiff, Wales, murdered by Malcom John Green 7)

1960 - 1969

February 6 1966: Peggy Flynn, Dalkey, County Dublin, was strangled with one of her own stockings. An irishman serving in the British Army's Parachute Regiment confessed but was acquitted in court.

February 16 1965: Bridget 'Bridie' O'Hara, London, was found behind a shed on the Heron Trading Estate in Acton. Victim of „Jack the Stripper“

November 25 1964: Margaret McGowan, alias Frances Brown, London. Her body was hidden under rubble and a dustbin lid in a Civil Defence car park in Hornton Street in Kensington. Victim of „Jack the Stripper“

July 14 1964: Mary Fleming, London, was found in a sitting position at the entrance to a garage in Berrymede Road, Acton, on July 14. Victim of „Jack the Stripper“

April 24 1964: Helen Barthelmy, 22, London, found dead in an alleyway off Swyncombe Avenue in Brentford, west London. Victim of „Jack the Stripper“

April 8 1964: Irene Lockwood, 26, London, was found on the Thames foreshore. Victim of „Jack the Stripper“.

February 2 1964: Hannah Tailford, 30, body discovered in the river under a pier at Upper Mall close to Hammersmith Bridge. Her underwear was stuffed in her mouth. Victim of „Jack the Stripper“

November 8 1963: Gwynneth Rees

1950 - 1959

June 17 1959: Elizabeth Figg, 21, found dead on a towpath near Duke''s Meadows in Chiswick, west London, was strangled to death

September 1955: Alice Barton, 49, Woodchurch, Birkenhead, strangled and mutilated by the „Pillbox Murder“

September 6 1954: Ellen Carlin, „Red Helen“, Pimlico, London, strangled to death with one of her black nylon stockings. The scottish serial killer Peter Manuel confessed to her murder shortly before he was hanged in 1958

January 31 1953: Kathleen Maloney, 26, London, 10 Rillington Place, murdered by John Reginald Christie

1940 - 1949

March 12 1949: Kathleen Higgings, „Irish Kit“, 77, Regents Park, London, was strangled with a scarf

September 5 1948: Dora Freedman, Covent Garden, London, was stabbed to death. Soho „enforcer“ Tony Machin was suspected of her murder

September 8 1947: Rita Green, „Black Rita“, Soho, London, was shot to death

August 8 1947: Isabel Wardle, Portsmouth, Hampshire, was strangled with a lanyard

November 10 1946: Margaret Cook

August 1946: Olive Balchin, Manchester, died of hammer blows to the head. Walter Rowland was hanged for her murder in February 1947.

February 5 1945: Eileen Cook, „Irish Molly“, Bethnal Green, London, was stabbed and strangled to death

December 13 1944: Evelyn Hatton, Mayfair, London, was strangled to death

July 25 1942: Mary McLeod, Stepney, London, was strangled to death. Thomas Bragg was charged with her murder but found not guilty on the trial judge's orders.

May 19 1942: Agnes Stafford, Holborn, London, was strangled with her own summer dress.

February 20 1942: Peggy Richards, Waterloo, London, was drowned after being strangled and thrown into the River Thames. The canadian soldier Joseph McKinstry was charged with her murder but acquitted in court.

February 12 1942: Doris Jounnet, aka Doris Robson, Paddington, London, was strangled with a scarf by Gordon Frederick Cummins („The Blackout Ripper“)

February 11 1992: Margaret „Pearl“ Lowe, Marylebone, London, was strangled with a silk stocking by Gordon Frederick Cummins („The Blackout Ripper“)

February 10 1992: Evelyn Oatley, aka Nita Ward, Soho, London, was strangled and got her throat cut by Gordon Frederick Cummins („The Blackout Ripper“)

1930 - 1939

May 26 1936: Phyllis Spiers, Folkestone, Kent, strangled with a scarf. A sexbuyer was charged with her murder, but acquiited.

May 9 1936: Constance May Hind, Soho, London, strangled with an electric light flex

April 16 1936: Jeanette Cotton, Soho, London, strangled with her own silk scarf

November 4 1935: Josephine Martin

February 22 1932: Dora Lloyd, Maida Vale, London, strangled to death

January 2 1931: Margaret Schofield

1920 - 1929

March 12 1929: Katherine Peck, „Carbolic Kate“, Walworth, London, got her throat cut. Frederick Murphy was acquitted of her murder.

January 27 1923: Mary Pelham, Portsmouth, Hampshire, died from head injuries

1910 - 1919

December 25 1919: Elizabeth McDermott, „Bella Wilson“, Liverpool, Merseyside

August 2 1919: Bertha Frazer, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, got her throat cut

May 5 1912: Maud Mills, Walsall, West Midlands, was shot four times. Maud died of her injuries six days later.

1900 - 1909

October 17 1908: Esther Prager, Russell Square, London

September 11 1907: Emily „Phyllis“ Dimmock, Camden, London, got her throat cut („Camden Town Murder“)

May 30 1901: Annie Austin, Spitalfields, London, stabbed in the vagina and the anus

1800 - 1899

February 13 1891: Frances Coles, London, Swallow Gardens

July 17 1889: Alice McKenzie, London, Whitechapel, Castle Alley, possible victim of “Jack the Ripper”

February 10 1889: Louisa Smith, Lewisham, London, died of fractured skull caused by a blow with a blunt instrument

December 20 1888: Rose Mylett, Poplar, London, strangled to death with a rope. Possible victim of „Jack the Ripper“

August 7 1888: Martha Tabram, London, discovered at the George Yard Buildings, possible victim of “Jack the Ripper”

November 9 1888: Mary Jane Kelly, London, found in her room in Miller´s Court, off Dorset Street, victim of “Jack the Ripper”

September 30 1888: Catherine Eddows

September 30 1888: Elizabeth Stride, London, body was found in Dutfields Yard, off Berner Street, victim of “Jack the Ripper”

September 8 1888: Annie Chapman, London, body was found in the backyard of number 29 Hanbury Street, victim of “Jack the Ripper”

August 31 1888: Mary Ann Nichols, London, Whitechapel, found in a gateway in Bucks Row, victim of “Jack the Ripper”

April 4 1888: Emma Elizabeth Smith, Whitechapel, London. Emma died of injuries sustained after being attacked the previous day. Possible victim of „Jack the Ripper“

March 23 1879: Eliza Patten, 21, Liverpool, stabbed to death, murdered by Thomas Johnson (age 20)

May 26 1838: Eliza Grimwood, Wellington Terrace, Waterloo-road, London, got her throat cut.


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