Barbara Booth

Barbara Booth, Source: Y Post

Age: 24

January 7 1976

Greenhow Crescent, Burley, Leeds

Barbara advertised in contact magazines and on post cards in shop. Her common law husband Tracey was her pimp and left the house while she the sexbuyer who murdered her came to her place.

When the pimp returned her body was slumped against the door to hold it shut. Barbara and their 3 year old son, Alan, were slaughtered to death. Barbara had been stabbed 15 times.

While the police was still waiting for forensic results and studying the scene of this horrific crime, 19 year old Mark Rowntree was arrested in Bradford for someone else. He also confessed to the murder of Barbara and Alan. He complained that he had not reached the body count of his hero, Donald Neilson.

In June 1977, Mark Andrew Rowntree, pleaded not guilty in Leeds Crown Court to four charges of murder but guilty to manslaughter, on grounds of diminished responsibility. He was committed to Broadmoor for an unlimited period.

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