Christine Dinnie

Age: 40

The Night of October 7 1995

West Bowling Green Street, Leith, Edinburgh

Christine was a mother of four. She was addiced to drugs and on a methadone program.

The perpetrators name was John Law, age 31, who worked as a clerk in a law firm. Law attempted intercourse with Christine and she ridiculed him by becoming sarcastic when he failed and demanded to be taken back to where he had picked her up. As a response he went round to the passenger side, dragged her out of the car and punched her in the face. He then bludgeoned her to death with a car-jack.

The cop who headed the inquiry, Detective Chief Inspector Ian Jackson, said:

„There was a lot of anger in him and it seemed to be very explosive at the time of the murder. […] The very fact he has been capable of one murder means it's possible he has committed more.“

Law was only caught because of a chance sighting of a quiet Motherwell teacher with a fascination for number plates. David Holmes, 49, saw Law's car and noted its EBU number. He told police who hauled in Law. They later found damning blood stains on his car and boots.

According to Christine's ex-husband John, Law was a regular:

„It's not as if he murdered a stranger. He actually knew the woman he battered.“

John Law was sentenced for life. On his first day in prison Law got beaten up by inmates in Saughton prison and had his face cut to ribbons with a razor.

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