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 ===== Background ===== ===== Background =====
 +Gwynneth was born in 1941 and she was sixteen when her mother died. She declined her father`s suggestion that she stay at home and look after the younger children. In the following year she was pregnant by a boyfriend and went to live with an elder sister in Essex. They claimed it was the sister`s daughter to avoid scandal. With her sister`s help she began proceedings to have the baby adopted, then changed her mind. Her sister agreed to look after the child if Gwynneth would go out to work. She took a job at a shoe factory. But when she began taking men home with her, her sister threw her out. She had a second child, Peter, while living in London, which she arranged to be looked after by another family. ​
 +At this point she took up prostitution in the Notting Hill area. Her pimp, Cornelius “Connie” Whitehead, was a known associate of infamous criminals of the time, Ronnie and Reggie Kray. At the time of her disappearance Gwynneth was pregnant and had asked other prostituted women for anyone they knew who could perform an abortion.
 +Gwynneth`s body was found naked except for a single stocking on her right leg, extending no further up than the ankle. Gwynneth had been strangled to death. She also had several teeth missing. She had been decapitated by a shovel workmen had been using to level the refuse.  ​
 +In 1963, Whitehead was a suspect. He had had a fight with her. After being found dead, this lead to Whitehead being a suspect, but there was little evidence against him.
 +Gwynneth was likely a victim in the Hammersmith nude murders, a series of six murdered in London, England, in 1964 and 1965. The victims, all prostituted women were found undressed in or near the River Thames, leading the press to nickname the killer Jack the Stripper. Despite one of the biggest manhunts in Scotland Yard`s history, the case remains unsolved until today. All forensic evidence gathered at the time is believed to have been destroyed or lost.
 +The only trace of Gwynneth in Canvey today, ​ is a simple aluminium cross in the churchyard at St Katherine’s that reads simply: “To Auntie Gwyn.”
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