Juanita Gilmore

Juanita Gilmore, Quelle: wmactionnews5

Age: 25

September 14th 2015

Body found: September 16th 2015, Hollywood Cemetary, South Memphis, Tennessee

According to court records, Juanita Gilmore, who was found with multiple stab wounds by someone visiting a grave site, had a history of prostitution arrests.

The mother of a little daughter had been missing for two days.

Juanitas friends Monica Miller recalled one of her last interactions with her friend.

„She came asking for a gun. She needed a gun. Her and her boyfriend got to fighting. Her and her baby daddy got to fighting.“

Juanita had a long criminal history, with arrests not only for prostitution, but also for drug charges.

Similarly, four women who were killed and one women seriously injured in the same area within a month's time in early 2011 were also considered to be known prostitutes (Jessica Lewis, Rhonda Wells, Tamakia McKinney, Marnicia Shaw, Katrina)

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