Marissa Marie Randall

Age: 19

Born: February 24, 1996 in Lynn, Massachusetts

November 16 2015

46A Wamsutta Avenue, Halifax, Massachusetts

Marissa was murdered by Soi Ket Dang, Vietnamese, age 31. He had already hired Marissa for sex a week before the murder. On November 16 2015 he picked her up in Revere and drove her to Halifax. After they had sex they had a dispute over the amount of money to be exchanged, during which Dang repeatedly stabbed and choked Marissa to death.

Authorities say he had agreed to pay her around 350 Dollar. Later he said he should pay less and he reportedly told police that he stabbed Marissa because “he was not happy with the service she provided”. He grew upset during their encounter that he wasn’t getting her full attention. He felt “she was rushing him” and he wanted more “one-on-one time”. Dang told police Marissa was chatting on Facebook and Skype, and that he believed he should pay less because he had agreed to be recorded at one point

He bound her body and hid it in a closet, wrapped in a plastic tablecloth. He then drove to the Castle Island area of South Boston, took a 30 minute nap and went to work the next morning.

Marissa`s body was discovered by Halifax police on November 18, when they were searching for a missing Duxbury 16 year old girl, who they found with Dang that day by tracking down her cellphone at his address. The girl told the officers, that she had seen blood at his apartment and that he said he had killed someone the night before. The Police returned to his home and obtained a warrant to search the premises.

A interrogation recording was played at court where Dang said in an emotionless voice “Things just got out of control” and “that there was an average amount of blood … it wasn`t like in the movies”.

The toxicological report showed that Marissa had consumed Adderall and marijuana and the dose of Adderall may have been enough to make her impulsive, euphoric or manic: “It is reasonable to infer it was a larger dose than a doctor would prescribe”.

Dang was sentenced to Life in Prison at MCI-Cedar Junction with the possibility of parole in 20 years.


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