Terri Lynn Bills

Terri Lynn Bills, Quelle: wkbw Buffalo

Age: 49

Body found: June 16 2015, Niagara Falls, 1129 Willow Avenue, New York, USA

Terris decomposed body - minus her head, arms and feed - was discovered in an empty house, Niagara Falls at 1129 Willow Avenue, after a neighbor went in to investigate a 'strong smell'. Police say Terri has been dead for at least a week and her body had begun to significantly decompose. She was placed in the property after she was killed.

Terri was mother of two teenage sons, who had been taken from her custody four years ago, because she had gotten heavily into partying and drugs, starting shortly after she became involved with a man who had just gotten out of prison. Her drug habit eventually led her to engage in prostitution. She had shortly before her dead started to clean up.

Terri was originally from Ransomville, and went to Wilson High School. She worked as a waitress at the former Whistle Pig on Military Road for about 13 years.

A connection to the case of Loretta Gates (2012) is suspected. Terri was like an aunt to Loretta.

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