Yolanda Anastasia Sapp

Yolanda Sapp, Source: Crimefeed

26 years old

Between February 21, 1990 and February 22, 1990

Sprague / Spokane St., Spokane, Washington

On February 22, 1990 Yolanda was found nude, halfway down a steep river bank along the Spokane River near 4100 E. Upriver Drive, with a blanket wrapped arnoud her feet. She had three small caliber gunshot wounds to the chest. She was shot do death by Douglas Perry, who later identified as Donna Perry.

Douglas Perry, Source: Crimefeed

Douglas Perry has a lot of entries in his NCIC III history, which include:

August 7, 1974: Second Degree Assault

March 16, 1979: Firearms / Dangerous Weapons Violation

March 7 1986: Second Degree Assault

May 5 1987: Reckless Endangerment

April 26 1988: Simple Assault / DV

August 13 1989: Patronizing a prostituted woman

Additionally Perry was more than once arrested because of Unlawful Posession of Firearms and Ammunition.

Perry was in prison in Oregon from 1/12/95 to 10/31/97. Unnamed inmates told prison staff that he used to talk about taking prostitutes home and feeding them. They claimed he acted very strange and they believe he may be involved in prostitute murders.

In July 1998 he was stopped by a police officer because he had beend circling the area of Sprague and Napa. In December 1998 Perry picked up a prostituted women, who saw a lot of guns, knifes and a cross-bow at his house. He told her not to worry, he wasn`t going to hurt her because he liked her. When he dropped her back off she called the police. In his car the police found „…attorney papers which said that Douglas R. Perry had a gender psychosis disorder where he does not like females“. He told the officers he was in the area, because he wanted to help the prostitutes get off the street.

In early 2000 he went to Bangcok, Thailand where he surgically transitioned to Donna R. Perry.

During the time of the three murders Perry lived together with his girlfriends, who was a prostituted woman. When asked about the killings he said „Donna has killed nobody, Doug did“

Perry told that Doug Perry had killed nine prostitutes and the reason was because he couldn`t breed and the women had the ability to have children and they were wasting it being „pond scum“.

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